Actor | Model Headshots 1
Excellent experience. Highly recommend. It was a pleasure to work with Mark and Laurel.     Lisa B.
Actor | Model Headshots 1
Pictures are beautiful and are going to give our website that professional look we needed. Nice guy and very easy to work with.      Dr Richard W.
Actor | Model Headshots 1
Easy reservations, relaxed atmosphere, no high pressure sales. Mark does beautiful work! We loved them all!      Debra B.
Actor | Model Headshots 1
Mark is an artist extraordinaire and genius with a camera. He is also a blast to be with. You cannot miss by choosing Mark!       Michael T.
Actor | Model Headshots 1
Mark did a great job capturing high quality images of our work team. Everyone looks great and happy.       P Federowicz
Actor | Model Headshots 1
Had a wonderful experience as a repeat customer of Mark Lovett Photography for head shots of my daughter.     Barb W.
Actor | Model Headshots 1
I found Mark to be very professional and reasonably priced for the quality of his work. I would highly recommend his services!!     Steve S.

Top Quality Pageant & Model Photography

Featured in major publications and recognized as the best professional portrait photography in MD, DC & VA

Professional Pageant & Model Headshots

We create the best glamour pageant and model portraits for pageants, website, social media profiles and publications.


Bethesda Headshots has much experience working with actors and models creating stunning actor model headshots.  We have also worked with many models as a resource for my gallery oil paintings. Some of our models have gone on to win Miss Maryland competition, and our actors have done very well in New York.

Miss Maryland Pageant Success!

We have had great success with many of our models, some even winning Miss Maryland.

We’ve¬†had the opportunity to work with many models and pageant contestants over the years. They come from all over the MD, VA and DC area to my photography studio in Gaithersburg, MD.

I really love helping these young ladies look their best and creating amazing portraits for them to use in contests, press, advertising, websites, social media, resumes and everything else that you can imagine.

Tips for Creating Amazing Actor & Model Photography

Here are a few key tips that every you should consider for your pageant and model photography.

Actor & Model Portrait Photography Tips


1. Keep it fun and loose

I like to keep my models moving as much as I can. I constantly make suggestions such as “shoulders facing away from the light, turn your head back towards light, eyes down, chin up etc “, helping her into flattering body positions under the lighting that I created.

2. Create lighting that allows movement

Taking into consideration the inverse square law of light, I move my strobe far enough away from the model so when she moves it doesnt substantially alter the exposure.

3. I guide my models into positions of movement

For example, not necessarily all at one time of course, but generally speaking we want angles and curves, not straight lines …. bends in the elbows, knees, wrists, and shoulders facing one way and the head another, a twist at the hips, weight on one foot, one shoulder up, one shoulder down, or shoulders back, arched back, chest out, one arm up one down etc..

4. Help the model create a variety of facial expressions


I try to elicit different expressions from my models so they feel real. We’re looking for a range, from big smiles to a cute pout, and everything in between. Closed lips no teeth, partial smile, eyes closed, looking down, looking up etc.

Continue to make suggestions to the model, saying encouraging words. Keep the model moving, changing expressions and taking pictures often. When it doesnt look great I suggest something else.

Pay close attention, and when something works, jump on it. Explore.  Take a quite a few images making slight changes until it looks amazing!

So what are you waiting for?