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Bethesda HeadShots provides Awesome HeadShots with Mark Lovett Photography

Corporate Portrait by

I was talking to a realtor the other day  and she was lamenting about how people don’t recognize her from her head shot on her web site. My first thought was “no wonder it’s completely out of date!” I am the first one to admit, I do NOT like having my photo taken, but in today’s internet world, there is no getting past it. This poor woman’s head shot was at least ten years old with a cheesy old fashioned back ground.

Here at BethesdaHeadShots we recommend getting a new business portrait taken every five years. Mark does a superlative job of getting an awesome image that looks natural, but better than what you normally look like. In other words, he will make you look your best, but at the same time people will know it’s you! He has a certain lighting technique that gets extra catch lights in the eyes. He knows how to position and how to light his subjects.

Everyone can benefit from a great business portrait…models, business people, actors, people on online dating sites, you name it. Here are some samples from our Studio. Note, some of these are outside and some are in our Studio.

If you live in Gaithersburg, Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Washington DC, Potomac, McLean, Kensington, or Rockville, give us a call to schedule an appointment at 301 873 4701, or we are happy to come to your place of work. We give discounts to large groups.

Bethesda Headshots Mark Lovett Photography

Bethesda Headshots Mark Lovett Photography

Bethesda Headshots Mark Lovett Photography


Bethesda Headshots Mark Lovett Photography

Mark Lovett

Mark Lovett, of Bethesda Headshots, is an international, award winning portrait artist, portrait photographer and portrait painter serving Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia.

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