Clothing Ideas for Family Portraits

Take a look at the family portraits in this slide gallery. They might help your family make some clothing choices for your family portraits.

Of course, clothing is¬†very subjective, and you need to please yourself,¬†however, I’ve offered¬†some suggestions for your consideration.

Keep Your Group Clothing Consistent

Casual or Formal?  Either everyone is casual, or everyone is formal.

Light, Mid Tone or Dark?
You can wear light tops, mid tone tops or dark, but try and have everyone do the same or something very similar.

A mixture of light and dark can be confusing!  Maybe it would help if all tops were dark and all bottoms were light or vice versa.

You can wear light pants/skirt, mid tone pants or dark, light jeans or dark jeans, but try and have everyone do the same.

For example, most people agree it’s distracting when someone in the group is wearing a black shirt and white pants, someone else is wearing a white shirt and black pants.

Clothes with bold patterns, bold colors, big contrasts from light to dark, generally should be avoided. Most viewers will find the below clothing very distracting.


Distracting Clothing Colors and Values

Some like the look of all white, mid tone or dark shirts/blouses, other folks may not be huge fans.

If you are not a fan, than consider instead just wearing similar values.


Similar color/values clothing is easy on the eyes and keeps focus on what’s important

If you choose light tops, one person’s could be tinted with yellow, another tinted in green or purple etc.. as long as they are all light in value it will probably¬†look great!


Similar pastel tints in light/midtone can be pleasing