Bethesda Headshots creates stunning doctor headshots, medical headshots, residency headshots  and branding images for doctors, dentists, nurses, medical professionals and staff. Whether you are looking for traditional images in your lab coat, or a more casual look, on location, in our studio, or outdoors, we’ve got you covered! Bethesda Headshots has everything you need to know about what to wear, how to pose, and what backgrounds to use for the perfect medical headshots.

What Exactly Are Doctor Headshots?

Physician’s headshots are a type of business portrait typically used for company websites, business cards, press releases, and LinkedIn profiles. The most popular use for the doctor headshot is on the practice’s website.

Bethesda Headshots focuses on capturing doctor professionalism, warmth, and competence.

An amazing doctor or medical professional headshot is perfect for building an awesome personal brand to help doctors build their careers, grow patients, and improve the practice’s revenue.

doctor headshot Sibley Hospital Doctor Portrait | Dr Sandra Pedraza
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Are Great Doctor Headshots Important?

First impressions often begin with your headshot online, and these first impressions can have dramatic impact on your medical career.

Patients frequently research a potential medical practice before making an appointment or visiting and a great doctor headshot is critical for making a good first impression.

What Should I Wear for my Doctor Headshot?

Ask yourself what do you want to convey and where will the headshot photos will be displayed?  Most prefer a combination of both a standard suit-and-tie or business blazer and scrubs.

This way you have best of both worlds to use when appropriate. A good rule-of-thumb is to dress similar to your peers. If necessary, feel free to ask us! We’re always happy to help.

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How Should I Pose for my Doctor Headshot?

For doctor headshots, we find less is more, and minimalist poses work best. Leave it to Bethesda Headshots to guide you. We’ll warm up with simple straightforward poses.

Simply be yourself and we’ll coax a warm smile from you. Best to capture both formal, informal and candids.

What Backgrounds are Best for Doctor Headshots?

Neutral studio backdrop such as white, off-white, or light grey usually work best.

Of course, it’s nice to create some images of you with a creative on location backgrounds as well……. perhaps in or outside at your practice or hospital.

Sibley Hospital Doctor Portrait | Dr Sandra Pedraza
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How Should I Prepare for my Doctor Headshot?

First, just come well rested to your session. Next, test out your outfits and briefly wear your desired clothing before your session to make sure your outfits fits well and doesn’t need cleaning.

Lastly, if you have a prior photo of yourself you particularly like, show it to us when you arrive. Maybe it will help us find an angle that works well for you.

Remember we’ll retouch your selected photos, to get you looking your best, before delivering them to you.

What If I’m Not Photogenic?

Don’t worry, Bethesda Headshots has you covered! We won’t push you into an awkward pose and we won’t rush through the session. Bethesda Headshots strives to create a fun & stress-free environment keeping it fun, and we constantly get your feedback working together with you to create amazing headshots that you’ll be proud to display online.

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What Is the Price of my Doctor Headshot?

Doctor headshots prices usually range between $150 and $1,500 depending on geography, package, and experience of photographer. When considering pricing, factors to consider are a) in studio or on location b) how many different looks c) duration of session d) retouching fees e) how many finished images f) licensing (who owns the photos)

Concerning retouching, most photographers charge $100 to $150 per photo. Calculate those fees into your total session cost. Bethesda Headshots will provide a quote to you based on your needs and you get full copyrights to all original photos.


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