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Bethesda Headshots specializes in executive portraits and corporate headshots. Photographer, Mark Lovett, has a great deal of experience working in high pressure situations for editorial and commercial clients.

On-location corporate headshots can be created with a variety of backgrounds and looks. We will either set up and light a background or we can use your office environment as the background.

On-location environmental portraits, at your place of business, add context to images which helps tell your story in a unique way.  It’s the best way to create a visual impact while incorporating features of your business.

Often we can find a drop dead gorgeous, unique background on location. Check out the beautiful outside background in the below headshots.

On Location Headshots 1
On Location Headshots 2
On Location Headshots 3

If your business is in a location with interesting architecture, such as a beautiful lobby with high ceilings and lots of glass, we would love to use it creatively.  Interesting backgrounds related to your business are excellent tools for branding, marketing and social media.

The below image is a great example of a successful, environmental portrait.  We created this beautiful headshot of an executive at George Washington University to be used for branding and advertising. We found an interesting office background, and intentionally created the soft, blurry background effect.

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Donna Ginter
Executive Director Procurement
George Washington University

If you have a group of executives, staff or important people in your business that would benefit from branding, check out our executive, group portraits.

For that special executive who needs extra attention without leaving the office, we will come to you. We can set up a traditional background, or shoot in an office lobby, photograph a person sitting or standing near a desk, or outside.

By having us come set up in your lobby, conference area, or another appropriate venue – we can photograph headshots for a single executive or for multiple employees, with minimal workflow interruption, and ensure a consistent look and brand image throughout all of your headshots.

We can arrange a session for all of your employees at once, or do a few at your location, and if a few arent available, we can photograph them later at our location.

Notice the beautiful, unique outdoor backgrounds we created in the below headshots.

corporate headshot, business headshot, white male executive
corporate headshot, business headshot, pretty hispanic female lady executive
corporate headshot, business headshot

“The pictures turned out absolutely amazing!!! We love them so much. Thank you for all the work you guys did on them.”

Nicole Weslow | Centennial Wealth Ameriprise

We may be able to include a “whole team” group photo session as well.

We offer on-location photo sessions all around the Bethesda, Rockville,MD area, as well as DC & Virginia too. We photograph a variety of business types such as lawyers, doctors or physicians, financial advisors, banks, clinics, insurance agent and many more.

If you’re just exploring the possibility, or if you’re ready to book a session, give us a call today to discuss your ideas, and we’ll provide you a quote. We’re here to help.

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google 5-STAR rating

“Mark and Laurel are true professionals, you can’t go wrong with Bethesda Headshots!”

Murat Croci | IBX

On Location Headshots 4
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Google Reviews

google 5-STAR rating

“Mark and Laurel are true professionals, you can’t go wrong with Bethesda Headshots!”

Murat Croci | IBX

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Our Team Prepare For An On-Location Photo Session?

Mark & Laurel of Bethesda Headshots have extensive experience in making each subject of his headshot photos feel at ease and comfortable with the entire headshot photo session process. We will help with posing and getting just the right lighting, background, smile and expression. A comfortable, professional, confident wardrobe, your favorite makeup look, as well as a good night’s rest will insure the success of the photo session.


Can We Discuss Possible Locations In or Around Our Offices When You Arrive?

Yes of course we will. We’ll meet with you a little early before the photo session to discuss background, lighting, and space requirements. We are very flexible and will quickly find the right place for the photo session after we take a good look around and discuss your needs in more detail. If considering an outdoor photo session, consider that the weather may impact our location choice. Don’t worry we have a great deal of experience and it will work out great!

corporate portraits on location md dc va

Corporate Headshots On Location

On Location Headshots 6
Black Female Executive Headshot corporate-portrait-on-location-2a
Black Female Executive Headshot

What Should Be Our Wardrobe Consideration For An On-Location Headshot Session?

A consistent, common theme may be useful. For example, you may want to choose a casual look, such as the men without ties, or a more formal look, with all the guys wearing ties. As usual, stick with simple solid colors. Perhaps you could go with a warm color theme, or a cool color theme….. not necessary, but something to consider.

The common background and lighting will do a lot to help consistency among headshots, even if wardrobe elements don’t match from person to person. Feeling confident and comfortable in your clothing, hair, and makeup can be conveyed in your headshots makes all the difference.


What time of day will the light at this location look best?

For an outdoor photo session, the light is usually best later in the day when the sun isnt directly over head, however, if that’s not possible, we have been very successful at finding shaded locations that minimize any negative impact the mid-day sun might have, and the photos turn out amazing!

Don’t worry. We have a lot of experience at finding the right location, background and lighting, at the right time of day, to achieve top professional results every time.

Branding and Lifestyle photography for small businesses Bethesda, Maryland corporate-portraits-on-location-real-estate-agent

“We worked with Mark and Laurel to take headshots of our team. They were wonderful to work with – punctual, pleasant, professional, and most importantly, produced AMAZING quality work!”
Monica Yohai
google 5-STAR rating

On Location Headshot & Editorial Portrait Session

Robert Dorfman, DLC dir, StateWays Magazine cover – See Article Below

Robert Dorfman Cover of Stateways Magazine | by Mark Lovett Photography

Cover of StateWays Magazine | Bethesda Headshots

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" Mark was great to work with. Very friendly and accommodating, despite several scheduling conflicts. I was very pleased with the final images and his price range was well within…