Hannah Brewer, Miss Maryland , Portrait 13

Hannah Brewer, Miss Maryland , Portrait 13b

Photography and Lighting Gear Used To Create this Portrait

Nikon D800 body
Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VRII lens
Profoto Compact-R 600 mono-light
Profoto 15.5″ Soft White Reflector Beauty Dish

Shot at: 1/125, f10, 200 ISO

Congratulations Hannah!

As reported by the Herald Mail Media, Pageants News, and WTOP,  Hannah Brewer , previously Miss Teen USA 2013, was just crowned Miss Maryland at The Maryland Theatre in historic Downtown Hagerstown, Maryland.  As Hannah’s portrait photographer, it’s awesome to have been able to contribute in some small way to Hannah’s success.

Portrait Photography Tip of the Day

by Mark Lovett

A Slight Head Tilt Forward Yields Gold!

I remember shooting the image before this one. It was really nice, however her neck/head was straight up. I asked her to tilt her head forward a bit, which created a new diagonal, and took the image to a new level. It wouldn’t work if I was shooting from the front, but shooting from the side it’s golden.

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