Hannah Brewer, Miss Maryland , Portrait 13

Hannah Brewer, Miss Maryland , Portrait 13b

Photography and Lighting Gear Used To Create this Portrait

Nikon D800 body
Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VRII lens
Profoto Compact-R 600 mono-light
Profoto 15.5″ Soft White Reflector Beauty Dish

Shot at: 1/125, f10, 200 ISO

Congratulations Hannah!

As reported by the Herald Mail Media, Pageants News, and¬†WTOP, ¬†Hannah Brewer¬†, previously Miss Teen USA 2013, was just crowned Miss Maryland at The Maryland Theatre in historic Downtown Hagerstown, Maryland. ¬†As Hannah’s portrait photographer, it’s awesome to have been able to contribute in some small way to Hannah’s success.

Portrait Photography Tip of the Day

by Mark Lovett

A Slight Head Tilt Forward Yields Gold!

I remember shooting the image before this one. It was really nice, however her neck/head was straight up. I asked her to tilt her head forward a bit, which created a new diagonal, and took the image to a new level. It wouldn’t work if I was shooting¬†from the front, but shooting from the side it’s golden.

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